LOVE ME, BITE ME, the second book in the LEGENDS OF THE GOLDENS SERIES is in PRE-ORDER for 99 cents at Amazon. It’s the continuing story of Chastity (from A FAR FAR BETTER THING free on Kindle and Nook), the human/Golden hybrid that has the Golden community on edge. She’s fallen for her high school quarterback, who has decided to become officially changed into a vampire at San Diego’s Comic-Con. If she bonds with him before that, she might save his soul, but poor Chastity doesn’t even know how to kiss. So she finds a Zander of the future to practice bond on. Unfortunately practice Zander falls for her and has to compete with her real Zander of his past.

Chastity also appears in subsequent books in the series published by Soul Mate: FORBIDDEN PLAYGROUND and DANCING DRAGONS. She’s the wise Golden elder aunt to her nieces and nephews, the main characters in those books. And she appears prominently with Zander in DANCING DRAGONS.

Now for the cover reveal:

LoveMeBiteMe Paperback cover reveal(3)


TO PRE-ORDER, CLICK THIS LINK*Version*=1&*entries*=0


  1. didn’t really enjoy the other three books in this series but this book love me bite me, i really enjoyed reading the romance between Chastity and Zander and chasity’s emotions that she felt towards Zander but couldn’t tell him. And how Zander became Dacon of the vampires and how Chastity had her special venom that could bind her and Zander lovers forever….Chastity has the special venom because she is a Golden. They’re whole story as they come to love each other and understand and protect each other, i just loved the book from cover to cover.

    • Thanks, Aryanna, for your honest feedback. LOVE ME, BITE ME is more edgy than my other work and I’m glad you liked it. You may also like SPACE FOR US, my space opera where hero (astronaut) and heroine (alien psychic) are tasked with offing one another. My next LEGENDS will be something like VAMPIRES IN SPACE. If you remember the end of DANCING DRAGONS where the leader of the Dacons is brought to his knees by a powerful Golden heroine, then you might anticipate another edgy Golden/Dacon love story.

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