EVER HEARD OF INKITT?  www.inkitt.com

Alexa (www.alexa.com) says the Inkitt rank is about 90,000 in the US. What does that mean? It means they get lots of traffic. It means if you enter any of their contests, lots of people will see you, hear your author voice. (any rank under half a million is good for authors).

Go to their website and read posts from former and present contests. 

And VOTE for my contribution: ROOMIES. It’s a short, offbeat and quirky story (my usual) about an invisible alien who rooms with three teenagers on Earth. And they don’t even know he exists until it’s too late. OR IS IT?

VOTE HERE: http://www.inkitt.com/stories/15580

Oh, yes, the girl I’ve chosen to head up the story’s image is none other than Chastity, hidden in the background of the LOVE ME, BITE ME  cover reveal (below). SEE BELOW:

Albino girl in jungle

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