NEW AS OF APRIL 27, 2023

Having pitched SPACE FOR US to over 50 agents and nary a bite, I’m considering, now, pitching to editors of the publishers that are interested in sci-fi, and sci-fi romance.

In the meantime, I’m still polishing FORBIDDEN PLAYGROUND and DANCING DRAGONS (with new covers) and packaging them as a series, LEGENDS OF THE GOLDENS, with my WIP, VAMPIRES IN SPACE. VAMPIRES is a little different from the other stories in the series in that both heroine and hero are antiheroes who must climb a substantial character arc to become anywhere near lovable (problem is, after our Golden teen bites her hunky vamp, both acquire powers that are difficult for them to manage).

I‘m also polishing BROKEN HALLELUJAH and am considering pitching it to agents first before publishers.

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