A New Cover and A Little Primping for ENTANGLED

Hello all authors and readers. A quick update: My award-winning cover artist Fiona Jayde has designed a new cover for ENTANGLED to go with my new sci-fi, time-travel, steampunk series AGES OF INVENTION.

Nothing was wrong about the other cover designed by Barbara Marker and her creative team (who will be working on other projects, including illustrations for my convention swag). I’ll be framing that cover project and placing it on my walls at home.

Now for the new ENTANGLED cover unveil.


It might take a few days for KDP Select to get this updated cover on all their Amazon sites.  Once she gets the required info, Fiona will complete the full covers of both books in the series.

Tying the two novels together is the almost Queen of England, Electress Sophia of The House of Hanover (the ancestor of all contemporary British royalty). In the first book, ENTANGLED, she helps to save the great scientists from a time quake, created by an Electronic time machine (invented by the hero’s brother and countered by the heroine and her motley crew of past life regression activists). [Newton makes an appearance].

In the second novel, FLY LIKE AN EAGLE, Electress Sophie, saves the Native-American, Algonquian-speaking Piscataways to a Victorian New London. The half-Native hero kidnaps the Proper-Philadelphian heroine from 1824, to New London through a wormhole within the walls of the new Franklin Institute of Science. [Both Franklin and H.G. Wells make an appearance].


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