Condor Con Is A Blast of Creativity

I had a great time at Condor Con yesterday when I went to drop off my books at the Mysterious Galaxy Table.

To my surprise, right there were my RWASD buddies, Marie Andreas and Cynthia Diamond.  They have their table decorated beautifully, lots of artwork and swag. I hope their workshops go well today. So, anyone in hearing range, maybe zoom on over to the Four Points Sheraton on Aero Drive to give your moral support.

Following are their book cover images–outstanding.


I’m told the streaks of light are the tiniest of fairies, perhaps traveling at the speed of sound.

Here is the cover art from Cynthia Diamond’s independently published books.


Cynthia’s own artwork, displayed on bookmarks is awesome, too.

So, take a gander out to CondorCon and give these gals your support.




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