Book Hook for Dancing Dragons #MFRWHooks

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Dancing Dragons (Book 2: Legends of the Goldens Series) Blurb

An environmental activist re-examines her treatment of endangered species when she comes face-to-face with a rare and handsome space alien who’s animated chest tattoos do the most suggestive things.

Eco warrior, Maggie Maclaurin, can somehow see through Andrew Everett’s conjured fraternity disguise: he’s a psychic cousin to the vampires, and with those flying dragon tattoos undulating across his naked chest, positively an endangered species, definitely in need of saving. But when real vampires make a pact with the corrupt government to bring a little more nasty onto campus, Maggie’s chaotic vibes keep Andrew from protecting her, make him sick each time he comes in for a nibble from the neck of this attractive, yet headstrong girl. Can Andrew forget about his self-centeredness long enough to gain Maggie’s trust, so he can save her from the vampires’ fangs, and if he does, who will save her from his own?

Dancing Dragons Cover (56)


“We saved the world. That we did.” Crumpled cup still in hand, Red motioned for Andrew to follow him to the edge of the jungle.

“So is this Earth, the one I was born into different from that other one?” Andrew used his hand to wipe the wet sand from the bottom of his warmups.

Studying the boy in front of him who could have easily removed the sand with a conscious thought, Red pulled a damp towel from his pocket and suppressed a smile. “Ya do ask a lot of questions.”

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