Release of Entangled by Black Opal Books Sci-Fi Paranormal with steampunk elements

1. Tomorrow, September 21, Entangled will be released.

It is up for purchase on the websites of Black Opal Books and Amazon Books.

2. September 21: Prizes given out at blog

Entangled is a romance in which the hero and heroine each use a different technique to travel into his or her past, Scotland of 1717 (the time of light, lenses, and telescopes). The heroine by past life regression, the hero via a quantum computer, the Q. Long live the Q.
Come to the blog to win a top-of-the-line brass lorgnette by blogging on one of the following topics:

In what part of scientific history would you like to see a non-mainstream steampunk romance take place and why?
Name a woman from the 17th or 18th century that contributed scientifically, mathematically, or financially to the scientific revolution, and how that was accomplished for the specific individual?
See you there.
Susan Burns (writing as S.B.K. Burns for Black Opal Books)
3. September 24 at 7 pm, reading at Lady Jane’s Salon at Point Loma Wine Steals.



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