April 7, 2013

My time-travel steampunk novel, Entangled, picked up by Black Opal Books, has passed its first editing phase.

I’ve just signed a contract for a science fiction novella, Getting Them Up, with Whiskey Creek/Torrid Press:

This is an abrupt coming-of-age for a young man, a skinny science geek who’s faced head-on with the threat of worldwide genetic disaster.

How unfortunate that little slip-up. He’s let mutant sea creatures loose in Earth’s oceans. One bit him and now he’s mutated into the body of an Adonis, a prisoner on a hospital ship, and forced to “cure” its civilian population. Worse, he’s surrounded by awesome—tall and nubile—reptilian women and all they want to do is suck his toes; he’d been hoping for much more.

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