Good News

My new sci-fi, time-travel, steampunk novel FLY LIKE AN EAGLE has made it to the top 200 in steampunk sci-fi on Amazon. And soon to be in a Goodread Giveaway. Gifts of this novel will be sent out to The Gaslight Gathering, steampunk festival, participants and to those interested in reviewing.


Soul Mate Publishers, publishers of multi-genre, multi-dimensional romance, has notified me that FORBIDDEN PLAYGROUND, the first novel in my LEGENDS OF THE GOLDENS SERIES (4 books), will be given away free at from July 21-25, 2017.  Rated highly by both Amazon and Goodreads reviewers, this, my first novel, is filled with suspense and seat-of-your-pants sci-fi adventures.






Goodreads Giveaway of DANCING DRAGONS

What if you could see through the clothing of a tall, muscular, handsome fellow student, only to discover he clothes himself with his psychic powers, and you are the only one who can thwart his powers. And, as if anything else is needed, across his chest, he’s sporting tattoos of three animated dragons.

Join my Goodreads Giveaway to win a free paperback of the second book in my NA light urban fantasy, LEGENDS OF THE GOLDENS series, DANCING DRAGONS, published by Soul Mate.Dancing Dragons Cover (56)

My First Vendorship At A Con

Anybody in the San Diego Area? Come to the Handlery Hotel.

The Gaslight Gathering is fast approaching, and I’ll have books for sale from my AGES OF INVENTION sci-fi, time-travel, steampunk series: ENTANGLED and FLY LIKE AN EAGLE.

Look for the da Vinci glider image on my table.

eBooks of both sci-fi, time-travel, steampunk novels are priced at 99 cents, and will be free to those who agree to write reviews (contact S.B.K. Burns at

The themes are anything to do with flying, so besides prizes that will be given away , there’s even your own personal drone with camera capabilities. Also, lots of steampunk prizes: da Vinci inventions and steampunk costume accessories (see previous posts).

You don’t need to buy anything. Just show up and give us your email address and we’ll use those to pick the lucky winners. Prizes will be posted and mailed at the end of the convention for those not in attendance to the very end (Sunday around noon).