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I'm a published research scientist with two advanced degrees in engineering, a scientific generalist, and a multiply published, award-winning, sci-fi romance author.

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Saffron & Andrew: Golden Heroes

Bargain Booksy is promoting the first book in THE LEGENDS OF THE GOLDENS series, FORBIDDEN PLAYGROUND on Monday, May 7, 2018. 

Head Shots of Andrew for Bus Crds

Kamen Chalakov did the drawing and Barbara Marker, colorized it, both pentultimate artists (click on their links to see what they’re up to).

Saffron (FORBIDDEN PLAYGROUND) and Andrew, his son (DANCING DRAGONS) are golden heroes in paranormal romance series LEGENDS OF THE GOLDENS.


Today on Bargain Booksy for $2.99 First Book in the LEGENDS OF THE GOLDENS series, FORBIDDEN PLAYGROUND

ForbiddenPlayground_850FROM SMP: SOULMATE PUBLISHERS: Follow the adventures of our kinky-haired hero and heroine. They’re psychic vampires, dark-phase African albinos, childhood friends who are separated by their android guardian and must find their way back to one another. But does it have to be on the funky streets of New Freedom?

And will human Red Maclaurin, chaos personified, get to them before they reunite.

From the forbidden slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, from the city of Old Freedom, Urhuratown, to New Freedom, New Jersey with the chaotic vibes of humans, the aggressive tattoo-parlor Goo-goos, and Dacon vampires, Akeelah finds out who she really is, the powerful psychic she was before her memory was wiped.

When she meets up with her childhood friend, Saffron, can she convince him to think of anything but sex, when they needed to get serious about saving the world for themselves and humankind?

Bargain Booksy

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This weekend I’m visiting my childhood friend Linda Kurtz Kingsley. We’re going to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in Monterey, California (SCBWI).

Linda writes and illustrates children’s books. When I attended the prestigious Philadelphia High School for Girls and majored in science, she went to the Philadelphia  College of Art.

I love her artwork of children. Her children’s books tell stories of children who are challenged and how they overcame that challenge.

Someday, if it hasn’t happened already, her unique impressionistic illustrations will be sought after for shows. I hope to be invited to such openings.

Both of us are writing our first books for young adults.

Coming: Linda Kingley ArtistMore about our feedback from the conference.



Yay and HoorayMarie Andreas Book Cover out to Marie Andreas, my stablemate at RWASD (San Diego Chapter of Romance Writers of America) for winning the JABBIC CONTEST (Judge A Book By Its Cover in Romance) GRAND PRIZE for her book cover for VICTORIOUS DEAD (The Asarlaí Wars Book 2). https://www.amazon.com/Victorious-Dead-Asarla…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

I cannot tell a lie. When she told me her book cover was up for the JABBIC too, I voted for it!

Good luck in everything you do in your writing career, Marie.

I’m sorry I couldn’t easily find info on her artist. Marie has access to great artwork. Marie, please call out to us the name of your cover artist. Inquiring minds want to know. I know you will. Congratulations, girl.

The Shape of SFR

The Shape of Water

I just saw this movie and it was awesome. Definitely a SFR (Science Fiction Romance). I love this genre, and so you’ll discover all of my books have a little sci-fi and a little romance (maybe a lot of romance, depending on whether it’s aimed at Adult, New Adult, or Young Adult).

If you’re interested in reading more of my non formulaic SFRs you might want to go to my Amazon page:


If you want to find out more about SFR, you may want to visit Heather Massey’s blog, or the Tor publishing site:



Have fun with the only social sci-fi that doesn’t ignore sexuality. And a guaranteed HEA or, at least, HFN ending (Happy Ever After or Happy For Now).

S.B.K. Burns (Susan)

Bewitching Blog Tours and Winners

Let Roxanne Rhoads set up your book tour. I did and it helps with your footprint on your browser and maybe even your author ranking on Amazon. https://bewitchingbooktours.blogspot.com

Of the 56 readers that signed up on the blogs for the five drones that will be given as prizes, the following five will be mailed remote-controlled drones (an approximate $40 value/names chosen at random): Jana Leah, Jeanna Schirm Massman, Bilqees Bano, An Lee, and Cassandra Darensbourg.

Winners will be asked for their addresses using the email address: author@sbkburns.com and will receive drones purchases at Amazon.

Fifty-six readers will be sent ebooks of my steampunk, time-travel, sci-fi series AGES OF INVENTION over the next two months.

Thank you all for participating.


DRONE BOOK TOUR 712umy5RlRL._SL1500_





Catching Up

Hello my followers who either like forbidden romance, or me, or both!

For these few months, I have gotten my feet wet with promoting my novels of the AGES OF INVENTION SERIES free on Kindle Select. Continued promotion of the series that tracks the invention of a time machine that takes us and our romances back through science history or critical times that either make or break our timeline.

On the novel assembly line of forbidden romances are (all working titles):

  1. Flat Spin: a SFR (an adult Science Fiction Romance) that is based on my experiences working in aerospace forensics at a US Air Force base (posted here (below) is a workup of a potential cover by award-winning cover artist Fiona Jayde). (Out Spring of 2018)
  2. Other: a young adult (YA) space opera sci-fi about android-like Earth explorers out to save real human descendants on a planet going into an ice age because of declining solar radiation from a dying sun. (Out Summer of 2018)
  3. Just A Little Drop Of Black: This is my NANOWRIMO, African-American contemporary where I resurrect my dark-phase albino heroine from LEGENDS OF THE GOLDENS SERIES as an emergency physician who volunteers with firefighters, and especially one reluctant Cameron who is fire chief and ex Navy SEAL. He wants to marry into his culture and she’s not black enough to qualify. (Out Fall of 2018)

Still waiting for publication are two stories which got some bites (rewrite suggestions) from traditional publishers: Open Season (a contemporary adult romance with elements of suspense) and Playing Doctor (an erotic contemporary novella with elements of humor),

A sci-fi collection of my novellas and short stories, LOST AND FOUND, is also in the works. My friend and artist Barbara Marker is also working on a front cover for this book showing a little marmoset-like person from the planet Floresta. I’ll post the cover here when it is complete. To watch the step by step drawing/penciling of the cover art go to barbara marker artist on Facebook.

Flat Spin Cover Latest (1)